Consider This: Prestige

The word prestige is a noun connotating respect and admiration for achievements and quality of life. Now some of the occupations that are considered prestigious are presidents of corporations, businessmen and women, politicians and the rich. That was a long time ago. Because greed and corruption have overshadowed prestige. Sad to say. Now it is more about how outlandish and spectacular are than what a person does for community or world. Let’s look at our government especially the last two years our government has provided more money for the upper crust than taking care of the lower class and less fortunate of this world. Because of our sitting President and his administration, we have lost world prestige and replaced it arrogance and deceit.

The question remains how we restart our status. A successful restart may never happen because I doubt humanity is not going back to the basics. By that I mean a faith-based society.


I Recommend:








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