A Birthday Remembrance

As my sixty-sixth birthday approached I found myself remembering a scene from one of my favorite movies. “Citizen is hard! You have to want it bad!” These are excerpts from the movie American President in which the fictional President Andrew Shepard(Michael Douglas) interrupts a press conference. For me, citizenship means jury duty, military service (if you are capable), voting and participating in rallies or demonstrations. It is part of everyday living.

Last year was the greatest opportunity to vote for the office of President, with such issues as health care, immigration, and client change.  In exchange, we lost the ability to be civil to one another. It didn’t, take much effort when for decades we’ve  accepted political campaigns which are solely about personal attacks rather than campaigning about issues.

We have forgotten what America is all about. It’s not about being first, the previous generations worked together, had a core belief in a higher power, and lived by values. None of that is present. We need to go back to the basics if we want to survive. But leave the bigotry and fear behind. Don’t you think that the great generation was afraid after Pearl Harbor? Sure they were, but they didn’t wallow in their fear.




















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