An Attack on Creation

                                 An Attack on Creation

The reason I loved to camp was I was able to observe as many of God’s wonders as I could. For me, the best part of those camping trips was sitting around a camp fire gazing at the stars. While I stared at the stars, I had a sense of peace. It gave me time to contemplate on the awesome power of our creator. Everyday people across the world benefit in multiple ways by elements of creation.

Ever since the last 1970 humanity has become aware of depletion of the ozone layer due to green house gases. Ever since the Montreal Protocol of 1987, an international treaty of nations dedicated, to the phasing out the substances that have caused the problem. These chemicals are man-made and contain chlorine and bromine. The ozone layer provides protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Another debate which confuses the issue is global warming which leads to climate change. The causes of global warming are carbon dioxide and other heat causing gases are forming a blanket in the upper atmosphere and trapping heat around the earth.

As of January 20, 2017, the client change deniers have a new self-proclaimed leader. He believes that climate change is a hoax, started by China. President Trump and his administration, people that benefit from the drilling and mining of the fossil fuels. This group argues that the EPA creates restrictive measures on the oil and mining industry.

  • President Trump is attacking all parts of creation. So far the attacks have been in the following form:
  • On February 1 Congress dismantles the Stream Protection Rule which guaranteed clean water for communities near mining operations.
  • February 28, of this year received an easement from the Army Corp. of Engineers to construct the Dakota Pipe line
  • March 24, President Trump gives his approval to continue building the Keystone Pipeline

April 3, President Trump signed a bill which allows wolves and their pups to be killed in their dens. This bill also allows bears to be gunned down in bait stations. These acts are allowed in Alaska’s national wildlife refuges. Also the act allows aerial gunning and the use of steel-jawed leg hold traps. This type of trap holds the animal in place until they are killed.

In the budget for 2018 The President has proposed steep budget cuts in the EPA and the ESA. Also, the President and various congressional members are calling for the elimination of the EPA and the ESA.

Since, these attacks were announced, I knew I was going to become involved. The first step, would be to learn as much as I could.

The EPA’s Mission

air polution

The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) mission is to protect this nation’s citizens from significant risks to human health and environment in their living, learning, and work places. Their best efforts to reduce environmental risks nationally, are based on the best available scientific data. It enforces federal laws that protect human health and the environment, fairly and effectively. The factors that are used in establishing environmental policies natural resources, human health, economic growth, energy, transportation, agriculture, industry, and international trade. All parts of society have access to information to participate in managing human health and environmental risks. These parts include communities, individuals, businesses, state and local and tribal government.

Water pollution

How the EPA Succeeds

First they develop and enforce regulations. After our federal government lawmakers create an environmental law, the EPA uses the law by writing regulations. They set standards which all to states are required to enforce through their own regulations. If the states and tribes fail to meet the standards, the EPA helps them. The EPA ensures that companies understand the requirements.

The EPA uses grants to achieve their goals by using grants. These grants are given to state environmental programs, non profits, and educational institutions. The money is used for scientific studies that helps the EPA make decisions for community cleanups.

This organization uses’ laboratories scattered throughout the nation. They do this to identify and attempt to solve environmental problems. In an effort to learn more the EPA shares information with other countries, academic institutions, other agencies, and organizations in the private sector.

The EPA can’t and don’t protect the environment on their own. Some of the organizations that the EPA works with are businesses, non profit organizations and state and local governments through dozens of partnerships. Some of these partnerships include conservation of water and energy, reducing green house gases, and get a handle on pesticide risks.

Clean air

New Energy Technologies

Below is a list of four new energy technologies. While there are many more tested and viable. This short list makes the point new energy technologies are here.

  • Radiant Energy: on some devices can produce the same results which are estimated at less than 1% of the cost, of ordinary electricity. However it does not behave like normal electricity which has led to a misunderstanding in the scientific community. Radio Energy is a term most often used in radiometry, solar energy, lighting and heating.
  • Permanent Magnets: Dr. Tom Bearden has two working models of a device called permanent magnetic powered electrical transformers. These devices use six watts of power as input to control a magnetic field coming out of a magnet. By channel the magnetic field to a series of output coils rapidly and repeatedly can produce 96 watts of output without any moving parts.
  • Super Efficient Electrolysis: When water is hit with its own molecular resonant frequency it collapses into water and oxygen gas, with little electrical input. For the cost of water Hydrogen can drive engines like your car.
  • This is a small list of the least known technologies. The full lists of dozens of technologies that are well tested, known, and proven. Still there are forces in the world that keep people from learning about them. There are four forces to keeping these and other technologies from being made available. These forces are (1) wealthy families and their central banking institutions, (2) national governments jockeying for leadership positions, (3) Deluded inventors and con men, (4) and all the rest of us.

The Endangered Species Act of 1973

This act was designed to protect imperiled animal and plant species from facing extinction. Imperiled species are the result of economic growth and inadequate concern for conservation. The Endangered Species Act was signed into law by President Richard M. Nixon on December 28, 1973. At that time the U. S. Supreme Court found that the “the plain text of Congress was to halt and reverse the trend toward species extinction at whatever cost.”1 Two agencies administer the act; they are the United States Fish Wildlife Service(FSW) and the National Oceanic Atmosphere Administration(NOAA).

The call for wildlife conservation started in 1900. This occurred after the near extinction of the bison and the disappearance of passenger pigeons. Some cause for the low numbers of wildlife were communities and farm land grew, the widespread use of pesticides.

A tragic story which gathered widespread attention was that of the Whooping Crane. This bird’s range extended from southern Canada to Mexico, from Utah to the Atlantic Ocean. By 1890, the Whooping Crane had disappeared from its primary breeding grounds in north central United States. This was due to unregulated hunting and the habitat loss. In 1941 the number of estimated Whooping Cranes in the wild was 16. A conservation highlight in 2007 was the statement of 340 Whooping Cranes in the wild and another 145 found in captivity.


The first conclusion I have drawn since I started my research. That the current administration and its supporters want to eliminate any organization that stands in the way of profit. However, they don’t realize what has happened since air and water pollution became part of the national debate.

In a report last July 1, 2016, Fiona McDonald reported in “The Hole in the Ozone is Finally Closing Up” that:

“Scientists have found evidence that the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica is finally beginning to heal. If progress continues, it should be closed permanently by 2050.”2

In an article in the New York Times and written by Henry Fountain on June 20, 2016 wrote, “Full recovery of the ozone hole is not expected until, the middle of the century.”3

Both articles were reporting on results from a study led by Susan Solomon, a lead researcher, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

At about the same time the National Aeronautical Space Administration(NASA)speculated that the ozone hole would be closed by the year 2100. The point I want to make is that the human race is successfully changing the amounts of chlorine and bromine in the atmosphere. So the agencies that our president is targeting in his attacks are a benefit to mankind.

Not only has the president targeted the EPA through budget proposals, but through naming its new director, Scott Pruitt. Scott Pruitt was the Oklahoma Attorney General, and has close ties to the fossil fuel industry. Pruitt rejects, the scientific consensus, that human activity is a primary cause to climate change.

I am not sure why the president targeted the ESA. But, for whatever reason the attack is extreme and cruel. In the bible, we are told, “everything has a purpose.” That is what amazes me about the creation. Just as God gave everything a purpose, mankind was given the ability to adapt. Just like the animal kingdom has the ability to adapt to changes in their environment so can humans. The proof is the studies mentioned earlier and the rise in the number of people getting involved in marches and signing petitions.

Since these attacks began the following environmental organizations have responded; Sierra Club; Center for Biological Diversity; and Friends of Earth. Specifically the Center for Biological Diversity celebrated the announcement of a victory for the environment on May 1st, when Congress passed a budget bill funding the government throughout 2017. Secondly, almost none of the 160 anti environment riders passed into the final bill. The Center accredited people for people telephoning, and emailing members of Congress, and attending town hall meetings, for this success.

I have left out our administration’s attack on senior citizens and the poor. I have two reasons for this: I didn’t want this essay to be a rant regarding that subject. Secondly, I have seen the best of our world, enjoying pristine water and beautiful skies. I have seen wolves, bears, moose, and an eagle is their natural environment and I want those experiences to be available to other people. The earth doesn’t need humans to survive. However, humanity does need clean air and water to survive.

Finally, I leave you with the words of a former statesman that fought for conservation over a hundred years ago.

On May 13, 1908, in a speech at the White House, to a Governors Conference on conservation. As President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt said:

“We have become great in a material sense because of our lavish use of our resources, and we have just reason to be proud of our growth. But the time has come to inquire seriously what will happen when our forests are gone, when the coal, the iron, the oil, and the gas are exhausted, when the soils will have further impoverished and washed into the streams, polluting the rivers, denuding the fields. These questions do not relate only to the next century or to the next generation. One distinguishing characteristic of really civilized men is foresight; we have to as a nation, exercise foresight for this nation in the future; and if we do not exercise that foresight, dark will be our future!”4

I believe the above quote is correct in that it foretells the junction that our nation and our leaders find themselves. Roosevelt continued to say:

“We should exercise foresight now, as the ordinarily prudent man exercises foresight in conserving and widely using the property which contains the assurance of well being for himself and his children. We want to see him exercise forethought for the next generation and need to exercise it in some fashion ourselves as a nation for the next generation.”5


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